Dordogne Valley – A Wanderluster’s Postcard Lost In Time

After I had settled down my life in these years, eventually I lived my dream of wandering across five countries in Europe for three weeks
in Spring, 2016. I was immersed in the breathtaking landscape and got lost in the fairy-tale countrysides across Europe.
The highlight of my journey is The Dordogne Valleys in France. This limestone plateau, bordered by the pristine Vezere River and the Dordogne River, is covered by lush forests of chestnut trees, pines and oaks. The two rivers provide the focal point for man’s habitation from cave dwelling caverns to impressive fortified medieval chateaux. It reminisces a colorful history from pre-historic man through to the Hundred Years War of Religion.

The Dordogne’s villages & towns are incredibly beautiful. I was wandering around the Tremolat Village by foot, following the meandering Dordogne River over a stone bridge into the lovely villages with honey-colored buildings, beautiful wheat-fields, a 9th-century church, a 12th-century chapel and also a Michelin starred restaurant overlooking a picturesque ‘cingle’ (a bend in the river). A peaceful walk around the picturesque villages and indulging in the beautiful countryside and making picture-perfect memories.

The best part of a trip to Bergerac is the chance to explore the charismatic old town – Vieille Ville, the La Place on Pelissier & Place de la Mirpe. These are 2 of the alluring squares with half-timbered buildings & decorative fountains. A sight too lovely for words! Shopping at a French grocery for French Galettes (A French biscuit ~ made from butter, buckwheat & potatoes), wandering within the maze-like alley, taking a river cruise and unwinding in a French cafe for delicious French croissant, baguettes, and cuppa French Latte. This petite ancient medieval town will leave you in awe.
Visit a goose and duck-feeding farm, taste delicious Foie gras in a shop or at the Sarlat indoor market, enjoy some Domme, Bergerac, or Cahors wine, or sip local liqueur… This is another awesome way to discover the Perigord culinary art. A warm greeting of ‘Bonjour’ from the French makes this a perfect journal of classic French villages.

Five must-d0 things when you visit Dordogne Valley

Hop on a road trip visiting the beautiful villages of Dordogne Valley. Wind through yellow-leaved forests along the road, cross over an ancient stone bridge into the lovely villages with honey-colored buildings and admire the majestic castles and capturing cows grazing in the scenic landscape.

Take a stroll at the Flea market at Eglise Notre-Dame; the church had stalls just outside the doors and the center of the Wednesday and Friday markets in Bergerac, which selling vintage stuff, books, food, clothing, etc.  I love marveling at the gorgeous Saint Catherine church from the market, inside and out.

Spending an afternoon explore the town and snapping some postcard shots from the Terraced Belvedere area in Domme Village, positioned at the top of a relatively steep hill. It offers an 180-degree view of the Dordogne River and surrounding countryside, from where you can also see other charming villages of Beynac, Sarlat, and La Roque Gageac.

A day of canoe drifting down the Dordogne River is certainly a favorite pastime of many. The picturesque villages of La Rough Gageac, Domme and Beynac, nested between cliff and river offering a glimpse of an old medieval village life reminisce from Middle Ages. Another amazing pre-historic day.

Shopping market day and sampling the Foie gras, which is well-known in this region. The vibrant market of Sarlat has always been famous since Middle Ages. Open all year long, this vivid color and tasty market will charm lovers of local classic French cooking.




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