Singapore Night Safari : Top 6 reasons to visit

There is no way you will be missing the chance to view Singapore at night and experience its vivacious nightlife on your holiday. This tiny Asian country is known for its zesty and dazzling nightlife, and the best part of it is that it can be enjoyed by all ages and not just the youth generation.  One of the famous nightspots to visit in Singapore is the Night Safari Tour – a pioneering attraction where you get to meet cute as well as ferocious animals left to roam freely in a dense rainforest after dark and have a fabulous time in unique dining and entertainment venues. Here’s why you should definitely put Night Safari Singapore as a “not to miss attraction” in your Singapore travel checklist.

1. It’s the world’s first nocturnal wildlife park and the best so far

A one-of-a-kind after dark wildlife expedition – The Night Safari Singapore is the very first of its kind conceived and executed in Singapore. Though renowned for its advanced urban outlook, Singapore keeps nature very close to its heart and persistently tries to preserve and instill natural attractions within its modern spaces. The foremost reason to include Night Safari Singapore in your Singapore Holiday is because the multi-award winning attraction has a brilliantly created nighttime ambiance showcasing an intriguing collection of wildlife species prowling freely amid a sprawling, lush forest and over the years, it has worked its charms in alluring millions of tourists to Singapore. Moreover, every minute spend here is filled with exciting performance and captivating adventure.

2. Explore amazing wildlife from around the world

There are very few places where you can come across exotic and rare animals from around the world at a single spot. When you are at Night Safari Singapore, you get to go on an adventure where you can encounter Himalayan Tahrs, Nile Hippos, Malayan Tapirs and Tigers, and Asian Elephants and Rhinoceros. As you venture through seven geographical habitats recreated to resemble its real life version with low lighting, you get the fantastic feeling that you are journeying through the wilderness in moonlight.

The Tram Safari expedition – a 40 minute guided tram tour is the best way to explore these wildlife zones and takes you through different nature landscapes such as the Himalayan Foothills, Indian Subcontinent, Indo-Malayan Region, Equatorial Africa,  Asian Riverine Forest, Nepalese River Valley and Burmese Hillside. Another alternative is viewing the nocturnal wildlife on themed walking trails through deep jungles such as the Wallaby Trail, East Lodge Trail, Fishing Cat Trail and Leopard Trail.

3. Relish a scrumptious dinner while on a safari

A fiesta amid the mystical wilderness! Get on board a gourmet express and experience an extraordinary dining experience as you enjoy your safari ride. Enjoy a glass of cocktail before beginning the journey. Then tuck into a lip-smacking array of 5-course meals in twilit settings as you encounter the nocturnal animals. The menu has a delectable collection of international cuisines and an exquisite palette to tingle your taste buds ranging from delicious appetizers, soups, main courses and desserts with complimentary juices, beer and wine. For the perfect wildlife dining adventure, opt for ‘evening in the wild’ experience.

4. Treat yourself with unique experiences

If meandering around the dark wilderness isn’t enough for you, and you need something thrilling, then ‘Evening in the Wild’ tour has a perfect experience in store for you. Among the places to visit in Singapore, Night Safari stands out as iconic for its sheer imagination and innovation. It gives its visitors a completely different expedition where you can enjoy camping at this wildlife reservoir. The expedition starts with a tram safari after which you can relax around a lakeside which is your campsite for the night. You are welcome to have the most memorable overnight experience at Singapore’s first tipi tent where you can enjoy a 3-course dinner while animals make their appearances in intervals. Wind up your night with a spectacular fire show and entertainment.

5. Watch exciting performances

Night Safari Singapore goes beyond the journey around different trails and watching animals at night. The experience is filled with spectacular feats and performances. Watch skillful artists and energetic acrobats showing off their talent of dancing with fire and breathing out flames during the Thumbuakar Performance before you embark on your night safari tour. The Creatures of the Night show completes your exhilarating wildlife adventure as you come across a variety of nocturnal creatures showcasing their skills and stunts, and interacting with the audience.

6. Great entertainment for all genres of travelers

Kids will love it undoubtedly, but so will you and your significant other, or your friends or the elders in your family. Night Safari Singapore is a delight for every age group. The experience isn’t like you are touring a Singapore night zoo. It is like finding yourself amid nocturnal animals roaming around while you can enjoy all sorts of fabulous entertainment and feasts. Everyone on the trip will love this unique attraction and label it as the best wildlife experience they ever had!

Where else can you safely watch animals prowling in the dark, get up close to them and enjoy lively entertainment and outstanding dining experiences? Singapore promises you the finest in recreation and entertainment and Night Safari Singapore is a profoundly exceptional attraction unparalleled to any other.  Night Safari Singapore is a popular attraction and tends to be crowded year around, hence to avoid any last minute disappointments, be sure to get admission tickets in advance, most likely while you book arrangements for your Singapore holiday from a travel expert who would guide you with visas through Singapore visa application center and other requirements to get you the best package deal. Upgrade your exhilarating wildlife experience and extend your trip to River Safari Singapore, just adjacent to Night Safari Singapore.


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